Creating Authentically Luxurious Experiences

In our hearts, we believe our home is best enjoyed when it feels just like yours. So, go ahead and relax—we’ll take care of the details.

About the Owners

Owned and operated with roots running deep in Grenada, the Hopkin family created Spice Island Beach Resort to be a pure expression of Caribbean culture. Beginning with Sir Royston's vision and evolving to embody their children’s unique perspectives, each aspect of innovation can be traced back to proud family heritage.

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Honoring Our Founder

As one of the most recognizable figures in hospitality, Sir Royston turned the dream of island luxury into an incredible reality. Beyond the many accolades and awards received throughout his career, including being the only Caribbean hotelier to be knighted by the Queen, Sir Royston set the lasting standard for service as he personally transformed guests into family—a value we continue to pursue today.

The Spice Island Family
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Janelle M. Hopkin


As the daughter of Sir Royston and Lady Hopkin, Janelle M. Hopkin brings legacy and heritage into a new age of travel at Spice Island Beach Resort, where she oversees the complete guest experience.

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Nerissa Hopkin

portrait of lady betty

Lady Betty Hopkin